Who are Friends Of Australia Remembers?
People who believe that those who served Australia should be honoured and not forgotten.

How are funds raised from Friends Of Australia Remembers?
Funds are raised through donations being made on this website. These funds are used to develop and support the journal project. Funds help cover the considerable costs associated with journal development, user support, IT management, server hosting and project marketing.

What are the benefits of being a Friend Of Australia Remembers?
The ultimate benefit is helping to keep the memory alive of our Anzacs and Veterans of which Friends of Australia Remembers is now a vital and important part. You become part of that sacred tradition with us where you can proudly place your name and that of your business or organisation as a supporter of Australia Remembers.

How does Australia Remembers honour our Veterans?
Our mission is to honour the sacred memory and tradition of all our Veterans by dedicating to each man and woman who served their own individual and personal online Journal which becomes a sacred depository of information and images to their memory.

Do you have plans to add other wars and conflicts?
Yes we do, as funds become available we plan to add Journals honouring those that served in all wars an conflicts.

How are Friends of Australia Remembers acknowledged on the site.
When becoming a Friend of Australia Remembers, you can elect to have your business name displayed on the website as a friend. This aknowledgement will appear when is being search for Journals.

Friends receive a Certificate of Appreciation. Am I able to display this in my business?
Yes you are, the Certificate will declare publically your support for those from [town] who have served Australia. We will also keep you informed of new services as they are progressively added to the website..

Am I able to renew my Friends of Australia Remembers membership each year.
Yes you are and a reminder will be sent to you asking if you wish to continue being a Friend Of Australia Remembers.